Monday, 18 May 2009

Sport jock or glamazon?

I went to a farewell party on Saturday night, for our lovely friends Claudia & Fredrik who are heading back to Germany this summer. All their friends were there, and quite a few of those people I know myself from other contexts.

I was talking to a friend when one of my fellow hashing ladies came over, said hello to my friend and then turned around to me to shake my hand, introduced herself and said "- So, are you German too?"

I looked at her to try and figure out if she was joking, but I had to quickly acknowledge that she wasn't! So I explained to her that we have been hashing together every Tuesday for over a year... and after quite a moment the penny dropped for her.

The whole situation made me a bit sad, and I really felt like a little, grey insignificant mouse.
It also made me wonder why she didn't recognize me; either I'm looking really scruffy and worse for wear at the Hash, or I was looking incredibly gorgeous and glam at the party! I choose to believe the latter of course!


Dosiss said...

Det säger mer om henne än om dig. Jag skulle iallafall ha gâtt till min läkare och bett om en senil demens undersökning. Du är defenitivt inte en liten grâ mus. Jösses, vad är det för människor du umgâs med?

TinTin said...

Tror att hon bara inte koplade ihop dig med hashen - fel kuliss, liksom. Plus att du naturligvis såg ut som en riktig prinsessa på kalaset!

Christina Bergman Ribel said...

Du er SMUK sweetie, hvem er hun, så lille et menneske glem hende ! Knus Christina