Friday, 15 May 2009

Linnea på Bråkmakargatan

Linnea's absolute favourite movie at the moment (and for quite a while now), is yet another Astrid Lindgren creation "Lotta på Bråkmakargatan" (= Lotta on Troublemaker Street). It's about this cute 5-year old little sister who has a temper as few, and always ends up in trouble. Most of the trouble she creates herself of course.

I don't know if Linnea has got ideas and inspiration from her, or if they are just the same kind - cause man is she trouble at the moment! She's got such a temper and gets so angry and grumpy, she really is no fun to be around at all.

And then we have the issue about putting everything in the pockets... Every day when picking her up from school we have to fleece her to make sure the school things stay at school. Today she had a big blob of BlueTak in her pocket, yesterday a handful of chalk. Totally random things.

The other day we went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant with goldfish in a little pond outside. I saw Linnea putting her hand down in the water, and thought she was trying to touch the fish - but nooo, she was trying to get her little fingers on the coins laying on the bottom... *Sigh*


Cissi said...

jag känner igen det där. Sophie är precis likadan. Vi kallar henne vår lilla lotta. Sophie älskar också henne. Vad ska det bli av dessa tjejer? :))

Dosiss said...

Det gâr över lika fort som det kom. Det är bara att välja sina strider annars kommer du somna utmattad varje kväll. Och när du väl säger nej sâ för guds skull hâll dig till det annars fâr du börja om frân början.