Friday, 1 May 2009

Athletics Day 2009

Friday morning school had arranged Athletics Day. Us parents spent the whole morning at school. First we watched Linnea and her little mates in their gym room, showing off what they've learned in PE (physical education). They were very enthusiastic and really clever!
All of them got a pretty ribbon when they were done; although Linnea wanted hers off as soon as it got on - it got folded up neatly and put in her... pocket, of course!

Then we watched Kindy to Year 2 who compete together in their house colours. Lucas (and Linnea too) is in the yellow house. Each year group completed four different races which didn't result in any individual winners, only in points for their houses. They did sack-jumping, running and other things, and in the end - they had four pretty ribbons on their chest! Lucas was very proud!

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