Saturday, 2 May 2009

Maximum sugar rush

A busy Saturday today - the kids had TWO birthday parties on the agenda, one early this morning for one of Linnea's class mates and a double one this afternoon for some little friends. Busy, busy, busy!

I can tell you, apart from a meatball or two and maybe a little sausage as well, they haven't eaten anything healthy or even anything remotely looking like proper food all day... Just cookies, chips, candy and other sugarfilled goodies - well, that's party time for you...
They were on such a sugar rush (and then low), it really wasn't funny for their poor mummy... (The father was at work, blissfully unaware of the eventful day back home) I was totally exhausted come the end of the afternoon - kids parties at this age (and out here, where they all are so big) are hard work!

Anyway - I'm sure the kids thought this was the best day ever! Sweets and party bags galore and play, play, play all day!

Here's a few shots from this morning's piñata bashing. As usual the kids were not really strong enough (the piñatas are always too well put together!) even though Linnea certainly gave it her best:

The birthday boy's mummy had to go to it:

And out came the goodies!

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