Thursday, 28 May 2009

One night in Bangkok

... or rather two nights in Bangkok. That was how we finished off our little getaway for this time. We came into town from Koh Samet around lunch time on Tuesday, and since it was raining cats and dogs we decided to do a little bit of shopping after having checked in at our hotel.
We took a cab to Siam Center to have lunch at McDonalds (on Lucas' request) and browsed the shops for the afternoon. We had dinner in an Irish pub, and went back to our room to make plans for the next day.
I wanted to see the Grand Palace, Wat Po, take a river trip on a klong around the water markets and maybe do High Tea at the famous Oriental Hotel.

Unfortunately, none of that happened...
That night we fell really sick, all of us but Lucas. We were in a really sad state, and had to spend the whole next day in bed, not to far away from the toilet... Luckily we do have kids that are easily entertained with their game consoles, and kids TV. So the day passed rather peacefully. Nathan managed to get down to the lobby to get the kids some breakfast, and the rest of the meals were thanks to room service...

A real bugger, but what can you do. We just had to wait it out and thankfully we felt good enough this morning to get on the plane back home.
Looking on the bright side - we will have to go back some day!

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