Tuesday, 19 May 2009

{365:138} Favourite snack

Favourite snack.
This is my absolute favourite snack at the moment. I eat a whole package of these almost every day, they are so yummy! It's rambutans, or lytchees (litchie?). Really nice fruit from Thailand!
Makes me feel healthy and fresh! (They look great as decorations too, as long as they last and not get eaten!)


Jason said...

They are Rambutans. Lychees have a smooth skin which is a light brown colour and the flesh falls away from the shiny seed rather than the flesh being attached to the seeds as with the Rambutan. Both equally delishious though and you'll find the ones in Thailand taste even sweeter.

Anonymous said...

You can also make a drink from lychees.

Maria said...

Not too many rambutans cos they can give you a sore throat.