Sunday, 31 May 2009

An all day battle

Something I really, really appreciate with my life here in Brunei, is that I have so much time, to do really fun stuff! I don't have to cook, clean or do the washing (and in all honestly, I don't believe anyone enjoys doing that?! It's just a necessary evil, for most). I have the real luxury (and trust me, I'm aware of that!) that I can spend all my time while the kids are at school f.e, doing the things I really enjoy.
At the moment, it's learning new stuff.

For quite a while now I have been into learning more about Photoshop (PS). Since I'm interested in photography in general, I thought I needed some more skills in the PS department too. I have read books, done small classes over the internet, signed up for a University course; I follow tutorials on YouTube, read instructions on blogs and seek information about how to do the things I want to do a little bit everywhere.

Today, I had my first attempt on simple digital scrapbooking. The idea is to send in these pages to be printed into photo books when I'm done. Because, to be honest, no matter how hard I try - I will never be able to 'keep up' and scrap all our photos properly.
This is really the second best alternative, to showcase photos, since I do believe that just keeping thousands and thousands of photos in folders on your computer is not much fun.

Here is a little taster, of what I've accomplished today:

I can tell you though, it hasn't been easy... All this is very new to me, PS on the whole is still a jungle for me; and trying to find out how to work the different digital templates and overlays has taken me all day. (I bought these Ali Edwards templates here.)
But I'm only getting started, with time, I will get better on this too! And it sure is fun!

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Nikki White said...

I love your digital layout! It looks so cool!