Thursday, 7 May 2009

On hold

I'm sorry that the blog has been a bit on hold for the last few days.
We got visitors on Monday who are here for a week, Nathan's sister Nikki and her two kids, and it's been full on! I will be sure to post some photos very soon.


David said...

Hi Mrs. Watson - I was wondering if you might be willing to write a blog post listing 5 things you love about being a mother. I've been working with a Canadian blogger named Catherine Connors on a project we're calling "The World According To Mom" - we're trying to get moms in at least 80 countries to write that post. So far I've found about 270 bloggers in 43 countries, but none in Brunei.

Catherine's original post is here:

and I keep track of all the posts at

Thanks for your consideration of this request - consider yourself tagged...

- David Wescott

Familjen i Rom said...

Jag började allt undra vart du tagit vägen :)