Sunday, 22 December 2013

The best last day

We had the best last day in Dubai, or at least, the kids sure did - they got to spend all day at KidZania!
They've been once before, last time we were here, but they only stayed for about 3 hours that time. This time was a different story, I dragged them out of there after over seven hours... so they didn't even leave by their own choice!
Here, checking in and getting ready to go:

KidZania must be the best place ever for kids! Even after over seven hours, they hadn't done everything, they hadn't had enough by far. They all said it was the best day EVER, and were totally buzzing after having had such a great time.
Lucas and Malthe had been flying the simulator a few times and gone to university to get a degree; Daniel had worked at Coca-Cola and Linnea had made her own perfume and transmitted radio, amongst many, many other things. They had certificates, cards and photos to show for they good day.

And what did I do?
Well, I wondered around Dubai Mall the whole day... Let's just say, even I can get beat, I had had enough after about 3 hours! Should've done this on the first day when I was still starving for shopping, not on the last...
And I only bought Christmas tree decorations, two Christmas presents and a couple of books about Abu Dhabi!

I found these guys in a shop, anybody in Sweden remember "Drutten och Gena"?? And Monchichi, anyone?

I had my lunch with this view over the ice rink, thought that was fitting in Christmas time! Even Santa was out skating that day!

Here's the Migration Office where you extract the children from. You give their reference number, and a bracelet on their arm starts to vibrate. Funnily enough, none of our four decided to turn up, so I had to go in and look for them..! Well, all I can say is that next time I'm going to play in there - it's truly amazing!
It's open from 9am until midnight, so next time we'll see if we can beat the 7 hour record! :)

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