Friday, 20 December 2013

Start the way you mean to finish

Kids and I arrived in Dubai early Thursday morning and since it took a while to get all the bags, it was closer to 4am before we made it out to the Dehlis in Silicone Oasis. Their kids had to go to school that day, and Anne was off to work - so as soon as we had woken up, we set off to the Mirdif City Center, my favourite mall in Dubai. Better get on with the shopping straight away!

Nathan met us there, and we booked the kids into "Little Explorers" for a couple of hours, and got on with the things on our list. Even though we are moving, there was still things we needed, like new school socks for the kids, a few Christmas presents and other bits and bobs.


Is it just me who thinks about that episode of 'Friends' every time I walk past a Pottery Barn store??

I had picked the wrong shoes for going walkabout all day in a mall, so after having got myself some serious blisters, I gave up and bought myself another (yes, this exact thing happened in Singapore in October too...) new pair of Havaianas. Well, I didn't have a white pair...

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