Thursday, 26 December 2013

On our last Brunei Christmas

I had thought about doing a little speech at Anna's on Julafton, somewhere in between the herring and the ham - but the amount of people, and the lump in my throat, made it totally impossible. I knew that I would bawl if I as much as tried to say anything slightly deep, so I let it be.

What I wanted to say was... that I feel so blessed, that we have had this great group of friends here, to celebrate our Christmases (and any other big occasions with) during these nearly seven years. When you are an expat, you have to make your own traditions, and you also kind of make your own "family" - Christmas here has always been spent together with good friends.

I feel especially lucky that the kids will bring with them many lovely memories of our yearly Swedish Julafton; having been celebrating Swedish Jul the same way each year.
I am so grateful to Anna for giving the children, and me, those memories. Thank you.

I also feel lucky to have been seeing in Christmas Eve the same way, and with the same people - at the Morris house, each year too. Being someone that loves traditions, I am sure going to miss these traditions we have created for ourselves here, and most of all, all the fantastic friends we are leaving behind. Maybe especially at Christmas times to come...

So, on this last Brunei Christmas of ours, I just wanted to say thank you to all of our friends here in Brunei, for having made all our Christmases here so fabulous! ♥

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Elbisaiful said...

Wow.. Then after this you're going back to your home country? Love to view and read your blog.. Keep continue your blog writing...