Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas morning 2013

Our Christmas morning started with some very patient children, who after having been told "just give Mummy and Daddy another half an hour sleep..." - did!
Then we attacked the presents! This is before the carnage:

And this is about 5 minutes later, when it was all done!

Daddy got some Canterbury swimmers and a t-shirt from Grandma and Granddad in NZ, and a Lego Burj Khalifa that the kids and I had bought in Dubai:

Lucas also got some NZ clothes from Grandma and Granddad, and All Blacks t-shirt, he was very happy:

Linnea got Monster High dolls and things, books, swimmers, hair things and clothes, amongst other things:

Lucas had also bought her a Hexbug habitat:

Then, the usual Christmas Day activity - Lego building! Linnea had got two big sets of Lego Friends that she dug into and completed in no time:

Lucas took a more chilled approach to his two big Star Wars ships...:

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