Sunday, 8 December 2013

A busy Sunday

Well, actually it has been a really busy weekend! Not only did we go to the Masked Ball on Friday night, but before that Lucas had a birthday pool party and Linnea and I went on a play date.
Saturday there was sleepovers going on, at the same time as the continuous clear out process taking place every free hour at the moment: sorting, clearing, selling, chucking... *Sigh*.

This morning Linnea was down at the 'Saap Stadium' for a sporty birthday party. It was Gemma who hosted a cool and active party for her 8th birthday. They had played table tennis, had a chocolate eating (!) competition, played football and much much more.
Linnea had been the captain of the Silver Ferns, and they had won a few medals! Very cool theme!

In the afternoon we all went to see the "Little shop of horrors", performed by the Secondary Students at JIS. I wasn't very familiar with this musical, so it was fun to see something new. They all did very well, it was a lovely performance.

And now tonight after dinner, I made an attempt at a new recipe of 'lussebullar', traditional Christmas buns with saffron. My Amah's comment when she saw me getting started says it all: 
-"Mam, what are you trying to do??"
Well, although they came out tasting alright, I don't think I can serve them up at tomorrow morning's Christmas coffee, as they are not very pretty... ha ha! I certainly am no star at baking, I should stick to my 'kladdkaka' and 'chokladbollar' - I do those really well!
But, I got to use my old Electrolux, that used to be my Grandma's - it's from the 1950s!! It's always a pleasure to give that a spin!

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