Sunday, 1 December 2013

Going going gone!

It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate while living in a big house with a lot of storage space... We arrived in Brunei with just under 1200kg in 2007, now we have... - well it's a different story!
We are pretty ruthless clearing out though, and today we (well, read I, since Nathan was working) had the first garage sale.

Isabel was a star and came around the other day to help me sort all the things. Last time I priced as I went, but she said pricing up the items was a much better idea, so we did, and she was right.

We had set the start time to 8am this morning, but already at 6.40 I had the first people outside the gate! Going to garage sales is a popular Sunday morning activity here in Brunei, and you can really do good bargains, if you are early. These people knew that!
I had the dogs out to avoid any early birds, but as soon as I opened the gates, people ran (yes!) towards the things for sale!

I would say that pretty much 75% of everything went in the first 45 minutes, and it was totally crazy! After that it calmed down, but I had a steady stream of buyers and I'm really happy with the end result. I got rid of most things, a few bags of clothes will go to a Philippines-appeal at school tomorrow, and some things I'll try to get rid off again in the next garage sale. I must have at least one more, or maybe even two, just before we go with all the last items.

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