Thursday, 26 December 2013

Julafton 2013

Christmas Eve lunchtime - always a traditional Swedish Smörgåsbord at the Scotts place. We attempted a family photo in front of their tree, but not all were equally collaborative:


This year there was about 40 of us, 20 adults and 20 children. Although most of the "children" are actually teens by now, so they would probably not really count as children really any more!
At first they were lined up very nicely, on the sofas...

But finally someone broke the ice and they started playing cards:

The slightly younger crowd had fun too:

Yum, yum, yum! I had made the beetroot salad, the Janssons and the meatballs, as per usual. Anna had made all the rest, salmon, prawns, ham, ribs, cabbage and much more... Oh, this is my favourite meal of the year!


Anna, giving her spiel about the order of the food:

Thanks to the new cards, the singing was great this year!

 Waiting for Santa!

So many kids!

Santa was so kind, this year too. The girls got hair clips and little badges, they boys got flash lights and badges.

Testing out the hair clips:

And once we got home from our Christmas lunch, Santa had been to drop off a few gifts from our Scandinavian friends and family! The kids got some circus accessories, juggling balls, plates to balance and devil sticks:


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