Saturday, 21 December 2013

Abu Dhabi rekkie

Monday was a big day for us, we had planned to go down to Abu Dhabi for a bit of a rekkie. Frederik was nice to drive us. Although it doesn't take long (about 50mins-1hr from Dubai), it's a bit scary with the seven lane highways, and lots of big cars driving really, really fast... It was nice to have our own driver!

We didn't really get to see much unfortunately. Most of the schools we had aimed to visit were already closed for their holidays, and there was no point looking at the company accommodation, as people have recommended us that it's a better idea to opt out and look for our own place.
Nathan will be in a hotel to start with, so we are still open to any option. I guess he will have to try and look at as many places as he can whilst in the hotel, and then make a decision. We got a good idea about the different areas and compounds anyway, and know pretty much which part of town we would like to be in.

We met up with a friend who moved up from Brunei a little over a year ago, and got some good tips and hints from her; but apart from that it wasn't a super productive day.
It is really hard, because it's all a bit of a chain reaction. We don't know yet where the kids will be able to get space in a school, hence we don't know where we should be looking at living etc etc... Moving is really not easy, especially not moving countries, but I'm sure it'll all fall into place in the end. After all, we've done this a few times before, and it always does.

Funny story: Driving in through Abu Dhabi Nathan spotted the big red building and exclaimed excitedly:
- "Look kids, there is FERRARI World!!!"
Lucas exclaimed, equally excited:
- "And look behind it Daddy, the blue and yellow in the distance - it's IKEA!!"

That's my boy.

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