Saturday, 21 December 2013

Burj Khalifa - At the Top

By the time Nathan joined us after his cycling adventure, we only had Sunday as our only day to venture about a bit in Dubai. We chose to go up Burj Khalifa, something we missed to do last time we were here. It's the worlds tallest building (829,8m/163 floors), so it's kind of something you should tick off your bucket list, whilst in Dubai.

It is a lot cheaper if you prebook your tickets online, so we did of course. We booked in for 10.30, so we had plenty of time to look around before lunch. (I had missed the memo about the green shirts!)

Before going up we had to wait in the vestibule for a little while, and could learn all about Burj Khalifa in their display there. Here's another photo for the "Grumpy-faced-Linnea"-collection:

We got up to the 124th floor by an elevator traveling 10m per second. Hurt our ears! The view from  up there, and the highest outdoor observation deck in the world was - pretty spectacular! All the other skyscrapers look tiny in comparison.


The view of the Dubai Mall from up there was quite something! Obviously, it's huge, but when you see it like this, you realize just how massive it is!

As per Lucas' request, we had lunch outside facing the Dubai Fountain. We did that last time as well, and he remembered how nice it was when the fountain turned on it's display. Luckily it fitted in well with timings for lunch for us.

We took a walk in the Dubai Mall as well. Looked at the fish in the big tank of the Aquarium for a while. We did the Aquarium last time, so we'll wait a while before we do that again, but it sure is impressive.

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