Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The 10 year party

We had an absolutely gorgeous afternoon with our friends in Copenhagen on Friday, for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.
We had invited them to meet up in a big "naturlegeplads" (= nature playground) in Valby, to make it fun for everyone. Someone had been there for a birthday party and recommended it. It was an amazing playground, the kids absolutely loved it and were well busy running around, climbing, playing, swinging etc the whole afternoon.

We had asked everyone to bring their own food for a picnic, and we provided the extras, plus wine, beer and juice. There was a big manned fireplace, so we could cook our meet, sausages and "twisty stick bread" on that! It was very cosy.

The weather wasn't as great as the rest of the weekend, but it was good enough. It literally rained only about 10 drops, that was it! It didn't matter much at all.
Some of us stayed on in the park until about 9pm before we packed up and went back home, it was such a great day!

A big thank you to all our friends who made an effort to come and celebrate with us! Most of you were there 10 years ago and even though the emphasis of the parties have changed with time, it was still a fantastic day and we felt very lucky to get to spend it with you and your kids!

We are surely treasuring all these friendships, surviving time so well! Love you guys!

Here's to the next 10 years!!!

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