Tuesday, 28 August 2012

La rentrée

First day of school today. A very exciting day, both for kids and parents. We were all looking forward to catch up with our friends again, and to getting back into routine.

The Year 2 girl:

The Year 4 boy:

Despite our best intentions, we got to school a little bit late and didn't quite have time to play or talk to anyone before the bell went.
We had time to snap this photo at the parking lot though!

Lucas was actually in the wrong uniform today. From Year 4 he's supposed to wear long trousers (or shorts) and a white, proper shirt. So, I had to visit the uniform shop straight away this morning to sort that out!
More pictures will follow.

They both had a lovely first day and came home all electric telling us all about it. I hope the rest of the year will be just as good!

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Nitisha said...

Beautiful kids..bless them..your blog keeps giving me hope that life in Brunei for me and my family,hopefully should be good..as we would move there by this year end.awesome posts!