Saturday, 18 August 2012

Four eyes

I've got new glasses! Yay, finally, it's been many years since I last got new specs.
Not that anyone will actually notice that they are new because:
1.) they will most probably never see me in them and 2.) they have most probably never seen me in the old ones!

I do wear glasses though, every day! Not for very long periods of time I must admit, only at night, after I've taken out my contact lenses and in the morning before I've put the lenses in..!

My old glasses were well old by now and I could hardly see anything with them anymore, so I thought it since I needed new strength in the glass, I could just as well upgrade the frames too! I chose something completely different this time to the rimless ones I had previously.

Old rimless glasses:

New colourful glasses!

Even if only a very few people will see them, they make me happy and I feel refreshed and new!

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