Thursday, 9 August 2012

Between dream and reality

Last night we were lucky to have Circus Wictoria in town again, just like last year. In the pouring rain we all trouped up to see the show, from the best seats in the house!

Circus Wictoria is a smaller family circus, with a great intimate feeling to it. We sat all up close to the ring and felt like we were in the middle of all the action.
The kids liked the animals, this year they had a performer presenting some tame ferrets...

... and the camels were there again, this year together with a couple of white lamas:

And they also had the little ponies again:

Their, and my, favourite performers were a pair of pirate clad acrobats on a revolving ladder far up under the tent ceiling - they were really good!
After the show, Lucas had a photo with the clown, who also was one of Lucas' favourites, ever since last year when he dove into my lap pretending to run away from a crocodile.

Ah the circus... another sweet part of my past!

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