Monday, 6 August 2012

Terrific tourists

Our family hasn't really seen Stockholm before.
Nathan and I did visit before kids, and Lucas was with me once when he was a baby - but none of those times did we do any of the sights, museums or other tourist attractions.
I usually go up to Stockholm each time I'm home, to see my best friend Erika. But then I always go by myself so that we can powershop and hang out, just as friends, without little people who needs the toilet or are hungry at odd times... :)

But, this summer it was time for an introduction to our beautiful capital! We've purposely been waiting so that the kids were slightly older, for them to be able to enjoy and remember the visit.
Saturday we started with a walk through Gamla Stan and along Drottninggatan. We were really lucky with the weather, it had rained a bit in the morning but by the time we hit town it had dried up and then it just got warmer and sunnier from then on!

I really do like Gamla Stan. I know it's probably the most "touristy" place in Stockholm, but I still appreciate it's atmosphere. I like the cobblestone streets, the beautiful old buildings and all the quirky little shops you can find there, in between the souvenir shops. And hey, for an expat Swede, even the souvenir shops are fun!

After a quick walk up and down the main pedestrian street in City, we headed back to the Royal Palace for the first event of the day - the changing of the guards. (To be continued!)

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