Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nostalgia is a thing of the past

At the swimming hall the other day, I also bumped into someone I used to know a very long time ago. He is actually probably my first friend.
This was quite a coincidence, as he doesn't live around here anymore either, but was back at the moment visiting his parents.

Jesper and I used to live on the same street in town when we were kids. We used to play all the time and were best friends. We got up to all sorts of fun together! That was, until I started school a couple of years ahead of him, and then thought he was too small to play with... :/

It was nice to catch up, some 30+ years later, both with him and his parents. I went straight back home with a smile on my face and dug out the only photo I have of us together from back then.
Look how cute we were in our clogs, stripey socks and suspenders! :)

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