Tuesday, 14 August 2012

More Denmark

Apart from the big party on Friday, our Denmark weekend was a pretty relaxed one, just like the rest of our holiday this year.
This year we didn't go to Copenhagen Zoo, nor to Bakken, Legoland or Tivoli Gardens. No fancy activities, we just hang about with our friends and had a good time.

At Thomas' place, down-time with the iPads.

Saturday we took turns doing some shopping. I got to do a quick walk down Strøget with Kamilla. It was super weather, so far too many people had got the same idea! I ended up just buying the two things I had on my list, one wasn't even for me, and then we went for coffee instead.
Back home we geared up for dinner with Enderleins. Thomas prepared some lamb:

Søren tried to fold some origami dinosaurs with the boys:

Lots of people around the table!

Sunday we went swimming at a swimming hall, played a bit at the playground in Frederiksberg Have, and met up with Christina and her baby Frederik, so cute!
We had brought him a Buzzy Bee from NZ:

Then the weekend was over, and there was still some people we had missed to see... Too little time... Lucky there's always next year!

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