Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Next up on our agenda Friday afternoon was another very popular Stockholm attraction, both for tourists and locals, Junibacken.
Junibacken is something of a tribute to probably the most popular children's book author in Sweden - Astrid Lindgren. You can find all her well-known figures here: Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Karlsson on the roof, Mardie etc.

Both the kids and I were pretty excited about going here, and I'm sure the kids thought it was great, but I must say I was a bit disappointed. The entrance fee was pretty hefty, and it wasn't as big as I had expected.
The kids still had a great time, but I do think it's more a place for slightly smaller children. They had a children sized Villa Villerkulla house you could play in, but it didn't quite catch the kids interest.

One part of it was called Story Square, they liked that more. Here you could enter the world of many different characters from our best-loved Swedish children's books, like Pettson & Findus, Alfie Atkins and Moomin to name a few.

The high point of Junibacken is their Storytrain. It was a little train that took us through Astrid Lindgren's storybook world. The kids liked this since they knew most of the stories, I liked it too since it was made with great detail and was very pretty.

That was pretty much it though. We missed the theatre show since it was only on once in the afternoon and it was full already once we got there.
We also skipped the special exhibition since it was about a story neither the kids nor I knew at all.
Even thought the kids had a fun few hours, I wouldn't really recommend this to any other friends with kids going to Stockholm, it's just not worth the money.
Astrid Lindgren's Värld in Vimmerby is a much better alternative, if you have the option to go there instead.

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