Friday, 31 August 2012

Last of the first

Last day of school of the first week back. Done!

The jet lag this time coming back from Scandinavia was actually not as bad as usual, luckily, so the kids have been able to have a really good week.

You don't really notice when you are together with them all the time, but they have grown quite a bit this past year. Not only physically (new shoes and uniforms all around!) but they have also matured, especially Lucas.

Year 4 is quite different with a lot of new routines, and a lot more is expected of the students by now. They have to take a lot more responsibility themselves and I'm happy to see that so far Lucas is really stepping up to the plate.
He is looking after his things, remembering what the teacher is informing him about and bringing home all the relevant information so I can help him with what's needed the next day etc.

The only disappointing thing so far with Year 4 is that they don't have weekly swimming lessons anymore. Only for one out of the three terms of the year.
So we're looking into where to send him after school, because we still want him to do some swimming training every week.

Here's some photos I snapped this morning, with Lucas in the new "big-boy" uniform. Isn't he handsome!

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