Friday, 7 March 2014

The Leaving Assembly

So, today was the morning I had dreaded for a while - the Leaving Assembly...
Considering I've been crying in every Leaving Assembly I've ever been to, for other kids and their parents, I thought I would bawl my eyes out this morning too. Luckily Tash came well prepared:

I did shed a few tears before the Assembly, just thinking about it - but when it was actually time for the goodbyes, I didn't cry at all! It was actually all just very lovely.

Lucas' teacher Mrs Rickell talked about how he has always entertained the class, sometimes a bit loudly..., about his amazing performance in their class assembly earlier this year and how it's a great loss to this school, but that the school in Abu Dhabi should be happy to get this talented boy!

Lucas had his two good friends Nick and Daniel with him to say a few words. This was Nick's speech:

"To Lucas, You have been a great friend over the past five years. My earliest memory of you is from Reception when we were both four years old. We have grown up a lot and we have had a great time, such as playing football tournaments in Panaga (…)  and playing in a successful touch rugby team.
We have both had fun on some great trips, like the Y5 Miri trip and the trip to the OECD.
You have also had some very cool parties, like the Star Wars party and the Lego Movie party, which we all have very much enjoyed.
Not many people know that you are a fantastic clarinet player, I’m sure the people at your new school will reap your great talent.
We all will miss you because you are a great friend who is funny, smart, sporty, cool - and the best of all, friendly. Good luck in your new school."

And this was Daniel's speech:

You have been my best friend ever since Kindergarten. (…) I wish you all the best in Abu Dhabi and I hope you make lots of good friends in the future. It has been a pleasure being your friend."

Then he got the JIS bear, a laminated memento from his class, and a big handshake from his teacher!

Mrs Fowler-Watt also talked about Linnea's performance as Mrs Flower-Pot in their class assembly. She also said how she was going to miss Linnea's big smile and good sense of humour.

Linnea hadn't been able to choose, so she had her three best friends with her. Ben's words:
"I’ve known you for about seven years. I hope you will make new friends in Abu Dhabi. I will miss you but I will visit you."

Emily's words:
"Linnea, You have been my friend for the past six years. You were the second person I met at JIS. You have been kind to me and we have played together and had lots of fun, especially at parties.
This year I have loved talking to you in class but it has been hard these last few months as Mrs Fowler-Watt has found out that we love talking and separated us!
Always remember I have great memories of our time together. Have a nice time in Abu Dhabi."

Gemma's words:
"Dear Linnea, You have been y best friend since Kindy Panda and you are not going to be my neighbour anymore. But when I come visit you for a week we can go to Kidzania 1 hour drive away, or to Ferrari World with the roller coasters. I will be lonely but I am lucky I will visit you. I hope you have a lovely time in Abu Dhabi, but I will give all of you a big warning - she is coming back."

Then she got her highly anticipated JIS bear, and it was luckily all over. It was a really nice goodbye for them.

Happy kids, they just love the limelight!

I did cry after the assembly though... and when watching the videos I took... and now while I'm blogging this... Just a touch emotional at the moment I guess...

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eastcoastmom said...

Vilket avsked, en Leaving Assembly! Då känner sig eleverna extra uppskattade.