Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mood boards

I'm not sure how many hours I've already spent on the wonderful page Pinterest, especially in bed at night when I'm supposed to sleep... I'm creating all these different mood boards for our new house and it's very exciting.
The kids have been looking around too, and we have talked a lot about how they want their new rooms to look, now that they are becoming "tweenies", and might need more room to hang out, and not as much storage for toys as before.

Linnea really really wants a loft bed, so we might look at that. As far as I remember it's high enough to the ceiling, so why not. She is also mostly interested in getting a proper desk, so we will make sure she gets one she likes.

Lucas doesn't want a loft bed and he's adamant he doesn't want a small (read: standard) single bed, he wants a queen. This one below is quite nice, with storage in the headboard.
We also thought about putting sofa beds in their rooms, to make it easy for ourselves when they have friends who come on sleepovers. It would also be a cosy place to sit and read, or play video games.

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