Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My last H3 hash

My last hash with the Hen House Harriers here in Brunei was the St Patricks Day run at Lower Diplo. I got kitted out with the traditional last-run-bells, and off we went.
Anna and I, and me together with some of the Loan Service girls:

It was a really nice run, with a few rather deep water crossings and a few challenging hills. I liked it!

Anna signing me out for the very last time, after 211 runs!

Who's that?? We got photo bombed!!!

So the on-on went in green, for St Patricks Day.

Some people had dressed up a litte bit more than others...

This girl Kate did her first hash, on my last! Quite funny since she is one of these people who had read most of my blog before coming, and I knew her from a few emails we exchanged:

I got a nice canvas as a farewell gift, filled with photos from my many hashes. They had been very clever considering the packing, and hadn't framed it! Phew.

For my last hash meal in the Borneo jungle, I enjoyed some delicious vegetable curries. It was a really lovely evening, such a good hash to end on! Thank you all the girls of H3, I'll be missing you and my Tuesday nights!

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