Saturday, 1 March 2014


It's March. Our leaving month. Not long to go.
My mood is up and down on a daily basis right now, mostly down. It's becoming so sad, all these lasts... Here is a list of some of the things I'll miss when we leave:

The jungle
The Yacht Club
The fact that someone fuels your car
The frog noises outside at night
The tasty, and yummy, sushi
My Tuesday night hashing
The jungle
Eating roti
All our friends - people make a place, that's for sure
The beach
The view from my breakfast table
Driving down Leburaya really fast
The friendly locals
Our house
The cheap cinema tickets
Maharanis, our local Indian restaurant
Jerudong International School - kids have had 6 1/2 great years there
That fuel is so cheap
My workout buddies
That you can park nearly anywhere
The jungle
That nobody smokes here, anywhere
The massive thunderstorms
The sea
Being able to hop on a plane and discover a new Asian country within hours
The Empire, and it's High Tea
The small and easily navigated airport
Fresh mango and papaya
My Zumba girls
The Kids Hash
Bukit Shabandar
Our dog(s)... :(
The cool breeze sometimes in the evenings
The power shower in our master bathroom and the bright light
The jungle
The luxury of having so much time, and space
Seeing familiar faces wherever I go (Yes, actually! At least some days...)
The Spit
The relaxed lifestyle
All the dress-up parties
Going on day trips to Singapore
Our local Thai, and the $5 Pad Thai
The heavy rains
The jungle
The monkeys in the trees by our house
The beautiful wooden floor in our house
All the oldies music on the radio
The Water Front


eastcoastmom said...

Även om man känner sig färdig med en plats finns det saker och personer man kommer sakna. Det är tufft att flytta.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have read ur blogs, quite interestings.. Especially the Limbang mud part.. ^_^
Have you visit Kuching as well? Coz im a Kuchingites.. :)
Hope to hear from you soon.. And oh..oh!! You may visit my blog too, to see what we covers in Kuching..