Sunday, 16 March 2014

Our last day

There was nowhere else I wanted to be on our last day in Brunei than at the Yacht Club.

The Yacht Club has truly been our second home during our time here. The kids and I have spent nearly every weekend up there, with or without Nathan - chilling out, swimming, playing, relaxing. It's been the perfect place to be, since there was always somebody there for the kids to play with and someone there for me to talk to - without having to arrange playdates etc.

Also, it's the only place where you could afford to hang the whole day, and have both breakfast, lunch and dinner - without breaking the bank; and the food has always been good too! 

So, before today, I had told everyone left in Brunei (since it's school holidays, most people have left the country already), that we were going to be at the Yacht Club between 12 and about 6pm. So anyone free and keen, could come there and say goodbye.
I would've loved for the kids to have had a proper send-off with a proper goodbye party, but since most of their friends are not here, we decided to just do it this way. They had a fantastic afternoon with a big group of friends, running about, burying each other in the sand, playing football, swimming etc.

I had a lovely day too, chatting away with good friends who came by. 
I had to think long and hard about my very last meal (...), and I really did try to take as many mental snap shots as I could, to remember this very feeling... 

The Yacht Club... there was no other way we could have finished our time in Brunei... Goodbye YC.

I ❤️ Brunei.

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