Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lots of lasts

There is so many lasts at the moment, but I think I've finally reached that somewhat numb state, where I just want it to be over with soon. I haven't shed any tears at all the last few days! Everything going on is all nice things though, so I'm enjoying each day at the moment, to the max!

Thanks to the packing being done in only one day, I got some extra time this week to see some friends for some special lasts: I had a last roti with Beenal yesterday for lunch, last sushi with the kids last night, last nail appointment with lovely foot scrub and yummy lunch at Saffron with Anna today and last pizza making at Sorriso with the Roberts tonight.

I've also managed to finish up all the different jobs I had this week: I've picked up the Leaving Certificates from school, I've closed down all our different accounts (Astro, phone line etc etc) and collected all our deposits, and banked them. Only have one more thing to cancel, and that'll be tomorrow. I've organized and given away the last few things left in the house, so now it's all empty.

The packing was all done Tuesday, the boxes all got labeled and wrapped yesterday and tomorrow the moving guys will come and pick it all up to take it to the airport. It sure doesn't look like much when your whole home gets packed down:

The approximate weigh-in said that I'm at 1314kg (we're allowed 1310!), so I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself!
I sure feel like I can breathe a little bit easier now, aahh...

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