Friday, 14 March 2014

All gone!

Since I know I most of my readers are from Brunei (!) - I will tell them all this:
Please make a note for when you are leaving Brunei, about this moving company we used - I can't recommend them enough: LM Express. They have been absolutely excellent!
Three of them came right on time agreed on Tuesday, and went through the house with such efficiency that they had it all packed up in less than five hours (including lunch break)! They then weighed it all to give me a good idea of where I was with the allowance, came back Wednesday morning to label and wrap it all, and this morning they came back to ship it off to the airport to go on the DXB flight tonight.

Initially I had three different companies come around to give me a quote and out of all of them Winston, from LM Express, was the only one "getting it", understanding our plans and our needs. He was truly fantastic, and super professional.
In the end, I ended up with 50 boxes/units (we came with 72!), and I was right on target for our allowance, all thanks to Winston. I left behind only four plastic bags (with photo albums, memorabilia and other irreplaceable things), one of Nathan's bikes and the Christmas tree - which Jeremy will bring when he comes up to Dubai, one bag at a time; the advantage of knowing airline pilots! :)

 It was a bit sad to walk around the house after the shipping had gone... So empty... :(

I'll miss this view from my breakfast table, so much...

It's been a very good home and we will miss it, but I'm glad someone I know is moving in to look after it for us. Goodbye house.


Xunpeng Shi said...

HI, Nice to hear about LM Express.
I could not find the company on google. I guess it could be due to the name is not fully spelled. Could you kindly either let me know the full name of the company, or the contact details?
I will move out of Brunei next Month.

Xunpeng Shi said...

I am not sure whether my comments have been posted. My question is about the contact of LM Express,which I am interested to use for relocation next month.