Sunday, 15 September 2013

We party hard on a Saturday night!

For a lot of expats in Brunei, doing a "border run" is a regular thing on the weekly schedule. This means going across the border into Malaysia to stock up on alcohol - and while there, have a drink or two at Linggis, a bar just across the border.
I've only ever done border runs three times before, the very first time was just after we had arrived, once we went as a family, in the daytime, to sort some visas out, and the last time must have been about four years ago, with the Hash.

Saturday night there was a 'Band Night' organized at Linggis, and a couple of us girls decided we would go. Three different bands were going to play, and all the proceeds were going to a good cause - Linggis grandson has got leukemia, and the money raised will go towards his treatment and helping out his family.

Since I last went across the border, the whole area has changed a lot. There now even is a proper bottle shop where you get your supplies. (Brunei is a dry country = there is no alcohol to be bought, neither in restaurants nor shops. As a non-muslim, you are allowed to import 12 bottles/cans of beer and 2 bottles of wine/spirits every 48 hours.)

So, after we had done our shopping, we went to Linggis to get a good table before the crowds turned up. All set up, we ordered some bubbles, and got a fancy ice bucket..!

It was a good idea to get there early, because it got really, really busy. It was a great, great night with an amazing atmosphere. It was a huge turn-out, so cool to see so many expats in one place, and realize that most of them we'd never seen before! Who were all these people, and where do they normally hide??

We had an absolute blast, the place was buzzing! We were dancing like crazy, enjoying our bubbles, chatting with lots of different people - it felt like we were on some hot holiday destination!

As the border closes at 10pm, you can't really stay and make it an all-nighter. You have to cram in all your partying, dancing and carrying on rather early. So we did all that, and left before the queues to get across back to Brunei got too long - we ended up being back home already at 9.30pm!
Yeah, we're badass us, we party hard..! :D :D :D

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Jonathan Collier said...

After one month here it was our first border run. What a night! We had so much fun and the atmosphere was amazing.