Thursday, 26 September 2013

The 40th birthday dinner

We had been rather slack making plans for Nathan's birthday. It felt too early planning anything before the summer holidays, and after we came back it all came around so quickly!
We couldn't throw a party the weekend before, since many of our friends had booked in to go to the Singapore F1. Instead we had loosely talked about doing a joint one a bit later in the year with Will (who turns 40 in December) but in the end we wanted to do something on the actual birthday, so we went for a small dinner party. We were lucky too, because Wednesday was (another) day off school!

Instead of going out somewhere, we hired this French chef, Chef Sebastien, who came to the house and prepared a three course meal, from our own kitchen! It was absolutely amazing!

While the chef was busy in the kitchen, we could just relax and enjoy ourselves. (Sorry the photos are a bit blurry, I was messing up the settings...) No running in and out of the kitchen, no stress about the food, no hassle - just pleasant chit-chat, and bubbles!

Time for dinner, first course was a chicken liver terrine with fruit compote and freshly baked bread. I was so busy enjoying it that I forgot to take any photo! It was so yummy!

 Main course, duo of lamb with an onion tart, coriander braised vegetables and a mini potato pie:

Then it was gift time!


The big parcel had a world map in gold in it, where you scratch off the gold from the places you've been to make the colour come out! Pretty cool!

The dessert was a strawberry, vanilla and almond slice - mmm!

And of course, later on in the evening we also had birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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