Sunday, 15 September 2013

Junior hares

Before the summer, Carol (my GM at the Hash) and I got roped into laying one of the Kids Hash runs this year, as representatives from the H3. It was the one scheduled for this weekend, and the last three weekends we've been out doing rekkies for it. It's pretty straight forward laying it, as you don't do any checks on the Kids Hash, but it's not just one run, it's usually three: a toddler run, a medium run and a long run.

We had to re-rekkie, as our initial plan had to change when what we had planned to be the medium run became far too long, and had to be the long one, and we had to come up with a different medium one. Also, the short one became super short as the rain had flooded a river crossing that is normally doable, but now was far to deep for the toddlers.
Ah well, in the end we had three runs, so we were happy!

This morning we went in to lay it. The kids and I were responsible for the toddler run, which we laid on orange paper that the kids had helped me cut up:

Off we all went in different directions, Anna and Carol's daughter did the medium run, and Carol and her husband laid the long run.

It was nice for the kids to see a bit of the work that actually goes into the Hash each time. Although they obviously haven't been there for the rekkies, still getting to walk on an empty trail and lay down the paper that people were going to follow later on, was pretty exciting.

They did a good job, laying lots of paper to make it easy for the toddlers to find their way around.

So later in the afternoon, it was time for people to actually run the hash! There was a huge turn-out today, so many new faces, really nice! The kids were excited to see people go off on their trail, and Lucas even went on the medium run with a friend; Linnea claimed she had done her exercise for the day...

We take the hash seriously here! The Brunei Kids Hash is the oldest kids hash in the world! Here 's one of the youngest hashers, in a very cute outfit, on-on!

At the shout-up it was time for us hares to get called up on the chairs to get our down-downs:

Yeah... Lucas' can wasn't empty when he decided to put it on his head... The things you only can get away with at the hash...


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