Thursday, 12 September 2013

"Very safe Ma'am"

Before the summer, we had to contact our landlord because our gate had started to totally disintegrate and literally fall to pieces. We asked him to fix it, or preferably replace it, and he came by to happily tell us that he had decided to replace the whole fence. Ok, all good with us, as long as the new fence would keep the dogs in.
Here's the old, green fence. Rather inconspicuous:

So they started working on it over two weeks ago. At first it was fine, as they worked on the front part and we could still keep the dogs loose at the back, but locked up of course. Then we ran into trouble, as they removed the gates - without replacing them straight away, and wanted to start working on the back part of the fence.
So, we now had to keep the dogs on chains for about five days, and inside at night because they kept tangling themselves into the furniture, and into each other...

Finally yesterday they finished the back part, so the dogs could live out there again, and today - lucky day - we got our new gates! Only thing is, we now feel like we are living in a prison!
Check out our new fancy fence:

They've mounted a serious fence, about 2m high! The landlord came to inspect the work other day and when I asked him if he could cut off and cap the poles, to make it look a bit neater he said:
- "No Ma'am, we are putting the string on the top."
I said, "Oh no, we don't want any string, it will just make it very ugly!", to which he replied:
- "But it was included with the fence... And it makes it very safe Ma'am!"

Yeah... That's why we have dogs... Ah well, we now live in the safest house in the simpang! No one will mess with us, ha ha!

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Jonathan Collier said...

Ha! It does have a slight POW Camp look about it! Gate looks good though.