Thursday, 12 September 2013

2nd generation

Lucas came home from school last week all giddy and told us that they had been trying out instruments during music lesson, and he really wanted to start taking lessons in playing the clarinet!
So we thought, music is a very good thing to know, and a genuine interest coming from himself, needed to be fed. Of course he should be taking clarinet lessons!

So we had to pay a bond to be able to borrow a clarinet from school, so he can practice at home, and yesterday was the first day he brought the clarinet home.
He very proudly showed off how to open and close the case, how small the case looked - because the clarinet was actually in pieces inside it, how to mount the instrument together, and how to line up all the keywork - and we were even so lucky as to get treated to a little concert..!

Well, would you believe it, but he will actually be the second generation clarinetist in the family! Apart from piano and percussion, I played the clarinet for quite a while in my youth. I was even part of the 'Skara Musikskolas Paradorkester', the local marching band. Many, many good memories from those years, and I still have good friends I made through the 'Skara Musikskola' (=our local Music School). Can you spot me?

I'm really happy Lucas is taking to music, it warms my heart. (What it does to my ears at the moment... that's a different story, ha ha..!)

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