Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The big 4-0

So, yesterday was Nathan's birthday, and not just any birthday, it was the big 4-0!
We started as per tradition with present opening in bed - and the kids wanted to prepare him breakfast in bed too, so we made him some toast and coffee! (5.30am was far too early to prepare bacon and eggs...)

He had quite a bit of gifts to open, as presents and cards had arrived from overseas as well the last few weeks and I had hidden them all away in anticipation.


Amongst many other things he got some cool new sunnies, a framed poster and a new work bag with his initials on it from us.

Such a great way to start your birthday!
The morning continued with a bike ride with some mates, followed by a big cooked breakfast, lucky boy!
After having had sushi for lunch we picked the kids up from school and we took them for cake, as they were going to miss the cake later on in the evening. We ended up having ice cream sandwiches at the Canadian bistro, very yummy - and even came with a candle and sing-song!

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