Monday, 23 September 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes

Since there was no school today we decided to take the kids and try out this new place for lunch that I'd heard about, the Paddington House of Pancakes. This is a franchise that already exists in Malaysia, Macau and Singapore, and it opened here in Brunei in July.
Actually, I had read rather mixed reviews of this place, but I must say that it was pretty good - we will definitely go back again!

The interior and decor was lovely, the service was prompt and the menu was very extensive. It turned out they don't only serve pancakes in every form and shape, from all over the world, but also other dishes like pasta, burgers and salads etc. 
Here's what we ordered, a (rather large!) Tuscany crêpe stuffed with veggies, an 'Australian' (lamb burger), a 'Wellington' (chicken burger) - and a small stack of chocolate chip pancakes, guess who...

Even though we are creatures of habit, and mostly just go for sushi, roti or Thai for our lunch dates; it's really nice to try something new every now and then. Although pancakes might not be the healthiest of foods... more of an option when it's time for a special treat - it's nice to see the restaurant scene grow here in Brunei!

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