Sunday, 15 April 2012

The next level

Zumba is not just Zumba Fitness.
Actually, Zumba has developed a lot of different specialities like the 'Zumbatomic' - a special program designed for kids (the training I took in Adelaide last year); 'Aqua Zumba' - working out in the pool; and the 'Zumba Gold' - for the elderly. The most recent speciality is 'Zumba Sentao', where you use a chair as equipment.
But, the one I've always wanted to know more about is the 'Zumba Toning', where you use lightweight Toning Sticks in the workout.
So, this weekend I went to another training, this time in Singapore.

I went over a day early, for one to make sure I'd get there, but also to do some power shopping..! :) I spent the whole day, a full eight hours on Orchard Road and I did really well and got nearly everything on my list. Result!

Saturday it was time for training, and the whole day was spent Zumbaing away together with about 30 other ZINs (Zumba Instructors) from the whole region; some like me, had flown in from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. It was a great mix of people, and we had a super day together.
I really like these trainings, not only because you get to learn new skills and get new inspiration for you Zumba, but for the networking and the new friends!

These girls had come from Manila:

My group. Can you spot me?

And here's the whole new batch of Zumba Toning Instructors!

Zumba Toning sure is different to "normal" Zumba. I've realized it's not something I can just start teaching straight away now, it'll take quite a while to practise and get right. It's a whole new ball game, a whole other way of working out. It's not easy, and it demands a lot more from you to provide a safe workout for your students. I'm sure keen to sit down and take in all the information we got at the workshop.
But, I do believe that this might be my thing... Well, time will tell!

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