Monday, 23 April 2012

The Toy Box

Last Friday it was Linnea and her classmates turn to do their Assembly at school. We had known about it for weeks, as very extensive practicing has gone it to it. Linnea was one of the narrators and they have been rehearsing every day the last few weeks, "with microphones and all Mummy!"

Nathan was unfortunately flying on Friday but I was very excited to see how it was going to turn out.

Class getting prepped by Mrs Harris:

Linnea and Sofea, the narrators, in place:

Linnea in action:

The children acted out a story about a group of kids from our day who, thanks to a magic key, ends up back in time, where they have no chargers or batteries for the toys. They meet some children and start playing with them and their toys, skipping ropes, balls and other "old fashion" toys and discover that it's actually super fun and they don't need their Nintendos and PSPs!

After the little play, they sang us a song about what's in the Toy Box:

They also organized a memory game for a couple of the Year 5 students. Photos of 15 different toys were shown on the screen, and they had then to remember as many as possible of them in one minute.
Since when is an iPad a TOY though..?? :)

And, of course, they finished off with the obligatory video of what the class has been up to lately.
I liked this one a lot though, the video was the children singing, and acting out, their own version of the Sound of Music classic "Favourite things".

The group shot afterwards - Well done Linnea and friends! Proud of you!

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