Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Remember this post from the beginning of the year? My first flat tyre since I got my drivers license - over 20 years ago.
Well, believe it or not, but today I got another one! Again, along the coastal highway, actually nearly in the same spot... *Sigh*. At least today I stopped right away, having my suspicions about what that noise was, and unfortunately I was right.

No lay-by close by at all, so we were stranded right on the highway, where tons of cars kept coming at full speed. Luckily Nathan was getting ready for Hash, so he and Andrew came and rescued us on their way there. Lucky us that he wasn't already in the jungle, or at work!

I have no photos of today's rescue operation though. It didn't really feel like the best Kodak moment; two guys bum up on the side of the highway changing a tyre, and a crazy blonde woman (luckily I was in Zumba gear, so really colourful!) vigorously waving a towel at the cars to get to the other lane.

What an afternoon!

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