Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blondes ahead

This morning while driving down the coast road with Misuzu, we seemed to hit something with the car. It went "pop", but we couldn't see anything on the road behind us, so kept driving.
Then the car started pulling heavily to the left, which I then commented on to Misuzu, and she answered she had been thinking I was holding the steering wheel in a funny position...
Still, kept driving.
But when a car came up next to us and pointed heavily on our undercarriage, the coin finally dropped - we had a flat... *Duh*

Well, to my defense this was my first time having a flat tyre! I had no idea what sensation a flat tyre would give me, that's why I didn't stop straight away.

Anyway, we pulled over and rather conveniently there was a big lay-by where we could stop; and then we called Nathan, ha ha! Wasn't going to attempt changing a tyre all on our own... :)

A little while later our roadside assistant hero had fixed the car up again, yay!

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