Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On the radio - oh-a-ah-ah-ah!

I - little me - got mentioned on national radio the other day!
Listen to this:

I happen to know this radio DJ (Izan, probably the closest we get to a celebrity here in Brunei!) from Zumbaing with her.
She's fun and fab, and when we were texting the other day I told her I had to drive down to do the groceries, and asked her to play me a happy song, cause I hate the drive.
So she did!

(I was at a red light when she came on so I could record this - but then had to stop since we had to drive again. Hence the abrupt finish of the song...)


Katarina said...

Kan el lyssna,, fr inte upp programmet..

Katarina said...

Nu kan jag lyssna på dig på radion. Tack! Sedan har jag gett dig en award som finns att hämta inne hos mig. Lycka till med Zumbandet, verkar mycket roligt! Kram