Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kids CNY Hash

Ok, so a lot has been going on this week - all good, but not much time for blogging. I'll try to bombard you now with a few big posts though! Brace yourselves!

First out the Kids Hash from last weekend. One of my favourites of the year, the Chinese New Year One (on Monday we enter the Year of the Dragon!).
This year we were promised Lion Dancing again, so I was very excited!

The hash itself wasn't very long, about 25 minutes, and the kids did really well. I took some photos in the jungle for a change:

Back at the tent, all the kids got t-shirts for the run, and then they attempted a group photo:

Then the lions came and there was an enormous amount of fire crackers set off at the same time as the drums started - so noisy!!


After a bit of "dancing" and a lot of acrobatic moves, it was time for a "snack"...:

They eat the oranges for good luck, what the other part of the snack means... I'm not quite sure! ;)
Lastly, it was the kids' turn to touch the lions for good luck, and feed them the Ang Paos (the red envelopes with money):

Such a great afternoon!