Sunday, 15 January 2012

Slice of heaven

The Turners are on a little shopping trip in Singapore so yesterday we had Hannah & Ben for sleepover. The kids were so excited, they had all been at us all week about a playdate and they have so much fun together.
After an afternoon of playing, biking and running around they finally settled down with some popcorn in front of a NZ classic - "Footrot Flats".

I was in the office and could listen in and dig along to one of my favourite NZ songs, 'Slice of heaven' (often considered as an unofficial national anthem of NZ) with Dave Dobbyn, that was written for this movie:

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CamillaL said...

Med risk för att upprepa mig - vet inte om min förra kommentar försvann ut i cyberrymden...
Jag läser din blogg och har blivit sugen på att resa till Brunei, kanske lämpligt att passa på nu medan vi bor i Singapore!