Saturday, 21 January 2012

Junior School Athletics Day

Yesterday wasn't just a double birthday, it was also a busy day at school - Junior School Athletics Day.
This year was the first year Lucas took part in the Athletics Day out on the field. Whereas the younger year groups just perform different sports disciplines for fun, year 3-5 compete properly, with ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each discipline plus cups for the overall best performers of each year group.

I'm not quite sure how they decided, or got decided for them, which disciplines they were participating in, all I know is Lucas didn't do all of them.
Here he's running 400m, he's in a yellow shirt since he's in Yellow House:

He also did long jump:

And here he is on 100m. He didn't win any ribbons but at least he was smiling and seemed to enjoy himself! Yellow House did win the overall competition though - go Yellow House!

Linnea was inside the gymnasium. She did the "running around the post as fast as you can and back":

Time to go around for the next discipline:

Cheering on their friends:

Throwing animals into rings...

... and sacks through hoops:

That's it! Athletics Day done for another year!

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