Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Well, New Years Eve of 2011 wont go down in history as our most exciting, that's for sure...
Nathan was flying and had just landed in Jakarta when the year turned here - and I was home alone with the kids, having pyjama party. I considered keeping them up until 12, but they crashed just before 11, so I was all on my own.

I couldn't find any local countdown on TV, and couldn't drink as I'm on antibiotics (sure, one glass of bubbly probably wouldn't have hurt, but drinking alone is sad at any time...) - so I amused myself by taking snapshots of the iPad during the countdown...

... then I admired the firework some of the neighbours set off, kissed the kids Happy New Year, sent some Happy New Year texts and went to bed.

Ah well, but now it's a brand new, fresh new year with all the opportunities in the world open to us! I'm sure it'll be another exciting year! Bring it on!

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