Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rock n' roll

Sitting at the pizza restaurant with the Foxes the other week in Singapore, somehow our conversation led into being polite and having manners. Lucas was asking why you need to be polite all the time, and I answered him because it's nice to be around polite people.
I took the example of when one of his class mates had met Mormor and Morfar at school one day at pick-up, he stretched out his little hand and said:
-"Hello, I'm George. Nice to meet you".
polite - and very nice! Especially from an 8-year old!

Lucas sighed and said:
-"Ah George, well he's English. Why does the English have to be such gentlemen all the time?"
Nathan then said:
-"Well, Jason is English, and he just farted!"
Lucas responded, without even looking up from the iPad game he was playing:
-"Jason is just too much rock n' roll".

We all had a huge giggle about that and do I have to add that the comment made Jason's... week? :)

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Jason said...

I've been out and bought a black t-shirt that I cut the sleeves off and had my tongue pierced. Just trying to get the hang of the mascara now. My current attempts look very Gene Simmonds.